• “An astonishing experience..”
    - Le Monde, France
  • “First, mashup maestro Girl Talk deconstructed pop music into an entirely new art form. Now that art form is being deconstructed again through the wizardry of Tesla coils.”
    - WIRED Magazine
  • “Imagine big bolts of lightning pitched to make music. Imagine those static-y zapping sounds in old science-fiction films that brought Frankenstein to life, now playing the melody to 'Poker Face.'”
    - NPR All Songs Considered

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NOW BOOKING FOR 2012: The Tesla Orchestra is currently scheduling performances for the 2012 calendar year. Visit our online booking page for more information, or email info@teslaorchestra.com.

Open Spark Project

July 7, 2012: Public music submission project. Your Music, Played Through Lightning. Entries due June 30, Enter Today!

Temple of Tesla

June 11, 2011: Premier of the World's Largest Twin Musical Tesla Coils.