Tesla Orchestra

The Claw Game

Remember that claw game at the arcade? Remember trying to grab the stuffed animal with the claw?

We’ve taken that game out of its little glass box and bigger-ized it.  Grab the joystick and send our claw zooming through the air.  Our claw game is 16 feet tall and 30 feet wide.  Bigger if you have the space and a place to hang three pulleys.  How about half a football field?

Instead of stuffed animals, we made it a tower building challenge.  How many boxes can you stack before the tower falls over?  Extra challenging on a windy day.

At night, multi-colored LEDs brightly illuminate the claw and the box it is carrying.

How It Works

The joystick is connected to a computer which controls three precision winches.  Kevlar lines from the winches run through elevated pulleys and meet at the claw.  As you move the joystick left and right, back and forth, the computer does the kinematics math and the winches move the claw.  A radio link lets joystick buttons open, close, and rotate the jaws.


The Claw Game is available for any event, indoors or outdoors. Bring this challenge of hand-eye coordination to your festival, school, business, or special event. Email us at info@teslaorchestra.com – Additional details about setup and logistics are in our technical rider (available on request).