Tesla Orchestra

Two of the World's Largest Twin Musical Tesla Coils

Giant Musical Lightning

Dazzle your audience with contained fireballs, wirelessly-energized lights, musical science demonstrations and skits. Our performance includes two giant musical Tesla coils, a treasure chest of special effects and props, and a performer, wearing a custom-made Faraday suit, who interacts directly with the arcs.

We can also bring our giant Faraday cage so audience members can experience the thrill of dancing while surrounded by 12-foot sparks.


The Giant Tesla Coils work best at large outdoor events or indoor venues with plenty of space.  We are ready to perform anywhere in the world. Bring the excitement of musical lightning bolts to your festival or special event.  Email us at info@teslaorchestra.com – Additional details about setup and logistics are in our technical rider (available on request).

How It Works

Each every spark unleashes a bolt of plasma that makes the air explode.  Repeated at the proper rate, these explosions produce a musical note.  Custom electronic hardware and software convert MIDI-encoded music to pulses which control high power semiconductors in the base of each coil.  These powerful oscillators transform 600 volts of DC power into hundreds of thousands of volts of musical lightning.

For Geeks...

Each coil is powered by a 208 to 277V AC line, which is stepped up to 600V DC by a power-factor-corrected boost converter.  The main capacitor banks store 5000 joules each.  They feed an H-bridge of 600A, 1200V IGBTs which are soft-switched allowing them to run well above their nominal rating – 2000 peak amperes circulate in the primary tank circuit, and series resonance means the primary coil sees 9000 volts peak.  The primary coil is 4 turns of 3/4″ copper pipe, coupled to a 2200 turn secondary.  The result is sparks up to 16 feet long.