Tesla Orchestra

The Easiest Way to Add High-Voltage to Your Next Event

Small Coils. Huge Sound.

Three-foot bolts of artificial lighting are modulated to generate musical notes. Each coil can play one or two notes, the four together can play complex harmonies. We have a selection of songs ready to go, or can prepare new songs upon request.

How They Work

Each every spark unleashes a bolt of plasma that makes the air explode. Repeat these explosions fast enough and you get a musical note. Four coils, four notes. Custom electronic hardware and software convert MIDI encoded music to pulses of light. At the other end of four fiber optic cables, the powerful amplifiers in the bases of each coil transform 300 volt DC power into hundreds of thousands of volts of musical lightning.


The Tesla Orchestra is ready to perform indoors or outdoors, anywhere in the world. Bring the excitement of musical lightning bolts to your festival, school, business, or special event. Email us at info@teslaorchestra.com – Additional details about setup and logistics are in our technical rider (available on request)